Ishita explains the side-effects of a live-in in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mihika tells Raman about Adi not giving time to Aaliya. Raman doubts Romi or Adi maybe having an affair with Pooja. He tells Ishita that maybe Adi fell for Pooja when he fought with Aaliya. He doubts on Romi as well, as he had many affairs in his past. Mihika suspects Adi. Ruhi learns that they are not getting the flat now. She gets busy in work. Ishita tries to explain her in a friendly way. Ishita tells her about live in, how a couple gets affected. She tells Ruhi that her live in can affect Riya as well. She asks Ruhi to realize what can happen, she will never be called Riya’s mum even if she keeps a relation with Riya.

Ruhi understands her view. Ishita asks her to discuss things with Nikhil. She hopes Ruhi and Nikhil think for Riya first. Nikhil wants Ruhi to leave Bhallas soon. He wants Raman to know the pain to be away from Ruhi. Parmeet offers him help. He tells Nikhil that he will arrange a flat for him. Parmeet wants to use Nikhil and Ruhi against Bhallas. Raman keeps an eye on Romi and Adi in office. He asks Romi did he meet Pooja. Romi talks of Dr. Pooja. Raman clears the matter. Romi tells him that he doesn’t meet Nikhil’s ex-wife.

Ishita and family explain Ruhi how people don’t respect couples staying in live in. Ishita wants Ruhi to understand the de-merits. Ishita tells them that live in relationship can be broken any time, its a way to run away from commitment. She gives an example to give a lesson to Ruhi. Ruhi understands how live-in is wrong. The family makes clear that they will never support couples having a live-in relationship. Raman learns Adi didn’t come office, and he had no meeting. He doubts on Adi to have an affair with Pooja. Will Ruhi change her decision of a live-in? Keep reading.


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