Oberois to mislead Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Daksh faints in the mandap knowing Anika is close to expose him in Ishqbaaz

Tej and others mislead Shivay, when they leave for Goa. Rudra gets bored at home. He makes a plan to go Goa. He asks Bhavya to reach airport on time. Anika follows Shivay to the airport. He identifies her as Anika. She acts while keeping a disguise. Shivay senses her. Anika gets into an argument with her. She lies about her identity. Rudra gets upset with Bhavya for coming late. Bhavya tells him that she is not much late. Rudra meets his ex-girlfriend. His flirty behavior upsets Bhavya. He tries to make her jealous. She tells him that she has no problem. Rudra jokes on Bhavya’s age. He ignores her. Shivay understands Anika is lying to him. Shivay confronts her for her move. She doesn’t accept she is Anika.

The elders hide the secret from Shivay. They try to meet their old employee for a purpose. Tej had seen Shivay listening to them, and told a wrong plan to hide the Mills secret from Shivay. They all mislead Shivay, while Tania follows them. Bhavya gets angry on Rudra for his over kiddish misbehavior. She plans to give an answer to him. Rudra feels Bhavya married Manav and didn’t respect his love.

Abhay asks Tania to follow the Oberois. Tania keeps a watch on elders. She plans her move to stay close to them. Abhay doesn’t know the elders’ planning. He wants Shivay to find the secret and then get against his family. Abhay learns the employee got conscious and is close to reveal the secret to Oberois. He worries seeing his plan fail. Shivay and Rudra meet in the flight. The brothers have an emotional moment. Shivay tells him that he has to leave. Rudra plans an outing with him. Shivay promises to go on an outing later. Abhay meets the man and threatens him against not leaking the secret. Oberois meet the man to get the secret out. They fail to know about Abhay. Shivay and Anika have some on-flight fun.


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