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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mihika tells Raman about Adi not giving time to Aaliya. Raman doubts Romi or Adi maybe having an affair with Pooja. He tells Ishita that maybe Adi fell for Pooja when he fought with Aaliya. He doubts on Romi as well, as he had many affairs in his past. Mihika suspects Adi. Ruhi learns that they are not getting the flat now. She gets busy in work. Ishita tries to explain her in a friendly way. Ishita tells her about live in, how a couple gets affected. She tells Ruhi that her live in can affect Riya as well. She asks Ruhi to realize what can happen, she will never be called Riya’s mum even if she keeps a relation with Riya.


    Tej and others mislead Shivay, when they leave for Goa. Rudra gets bored at home. He makes a plan to go Goa. He asks Bhavya to reach airport on time. Anika follows Shivay to the airport. He identifies her as Anika. She acts while keeping a disguise. Shivay senses her. Anika gets into an argument with her. She lies about her identity. Rudra gets upset with Bhavya for coming late. Bhavya tells him that she is not much late.

    Rudra meets his ex-girlfriend. His flirty behavior upsets Bhavya. He tries to make her jealous. She tells him that she has no problem. Rudra jokes on Bhavya’s age. He ignores her. Shivay understands Anika is lying to him. Shivay confronts her for her move. She doesn’t accept she is Anika.


    Kartik confronts Naira for knowing about Naksh, that he doesn’t love Kirti, and even then she has let the marriage happen by her planning. He gets angry as she has locked him in room and kept him away. He calls her a liar. Kirti’s bidaai happens. Everyone gets emotional. Kartik blames Naira for being selfish and thinking just for Naksh. He tells her that she never though for Kirti, she has ruined Kirti’s life by getting her in a compromised happiness. Dadi apologizes to Kirti. She tells Kirti that she has just wished for her happiness.


    Neil gets a letter from Avni. He learns she has sacrifices her love for Neil and Juhi. Avni finds this option is best for Neil to start a new life with Juhi and their daughter. Avni reaches the airport and gets to meet Vidyut. Neil and the entire family shed tears on reading the letter. Neil didn’t wish Avni’s heart to break. He didn’t think she will walk out of his life. Vidyut breaks down in the flight.

    Avni happens to hlp him. She gets to see his rude behavior. Vidyut doesn’t want to bear any misbehavior. He misbehaves with others. Avni finds him very strange. Avni stands to answer him. She tells him how she did a favor on him by saving him.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami comforts her younger brother by a calming story. She fills courage in her. She tries to end his fear and asks him to take care. Adhiraj takes a step to secure Anami. He doesn’t want his friend to die like Vatsalya. He knows there are many enemies around. Satrupa blackmails Anami and tries to make her accept her ways to secure her. Adhiraj tries to know from Anami if she recalled anything about the incident. Anami doesn’t know anything. Tania tells Adhiraj about the students who ragged Anami.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga gets prepared for the dangerous race stunt. She gets all the media attention. She wishes she passes in her test and gets a chance in inter district race. Yashpal and family pray for Durga’s success. Sanjay makes a mind to end his life if Durga faces death in the race.

    Sanjay commits to Gayatri that he will get engaged to Aarti if things go fine. He tells her that Durga’s failure in the race will decide for his life and future too. Gayatri bribes a truck driver to kill Durga in the race.

    Sanjay takes disguise and gets the task to drive the truck, to ensure Durga’s safety. Sanjay’s step makes Durga’s victory secure. He decides not to cheat Durga, but doesn’t want to see her dying. He plans to hit the truck and die in an accident, that hitting Durga. Shilpa plans to ruin Durga’s race. Durga wants Yashpal’s blessings. Amrita tells the family that Durga will get their lost respect back. Everyone gets praying for Durga’s victory. Sanjay doesn’t want Durga to fall in danger. Shilpa tries to divert Durga by talking of Sanjay and Aarti’s engagement. Durga doesn’t let anything distract her. She reprimands Shilpa for her ill intentions. Sanjay plans to live and die with Durga.


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