Uma and Vansh’s huge confrontation in Tu Sooraj…


Vansh and Uma have a huge confrontation. Vansh asks Saras does only Uma have a right to play with a girl’s life. He tells Uma that if he hurts Kanak, Saras will be hurt ten times more. Kanak gets depressed seeing Vansh’s step. Uma and Vansh fight. Vansh tells Uma that Saras paid for his crimes. He says I don’t love Saras, don’t think I was dying to marry her, there is no love between us, I trapped her in my love and married her to punish you. Uma and Kanak receive a shock.

Uma didn’t expect to do this. Uma and Kanak didn’t know about Vansh and Saras’ story. Vansh has hidden his intentions from Kanak. Uma gets angry on Kanak. Kanak knows Vansh did wrong. Vansh is doing all this to take revenge. Kanak is against him. She is trapped between her Maayka and Sasural. Uma gets helpless in front of Vansh. He scolds Saras for eloping and marrying without his consent. Uma excludes Saras from his family. He does her last rites and ends ties with her.


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