Anami to get trained by Dheeru in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj tells Anami that her life is important, its his duty to secure her. He tells her how she has got the rights to decide about her stay, she can take direct help from court if anyone troubles her. Kamini hears Adhiraj. She informs Pujan about this. She asks Pujan to take some step to secure Avdhoot’s future. She fears Anami can send them to jail any time she wants. Satrupa takes legal opinion about the court order.

She requests Dheeru to teach business to Anami, while Dada ji wants him to teach Avdhoot. Dheeru tells him that the family issues are affecting business badly. He supports Satrupa so that it works well for everyone. Dadi suggests Satrupa that Anami needs to get her mind diverted. She asks her to tell Anami about Vatsalya’s dreams, which can be a driving factor for her.

Satrupa understands Dadi’s suggestion. She meets Dheeru. She asks him to train Anami to know her qualifications. Dheeru doesn’t want to go against Dada ji. She tells him that Avdhoot can’t become the heir. She asks him to think about Royal Steels future as well. Dheeru agrees to train Anami as she deserves her rights.

Anami meets Narottam and doesn’t care for Satrupa. Anami goes to meet Sudha to know her problem. Anami tries to help Sudha recover from her illness. Sudha does a drama to win Anami’s sympathy. She thinks Anami got trapped. Anami assures Narottam that she will get Sudha her rights. Narottam gets happy seeing his plan working. Dadi asks Satrupa to do anything to get Anami her rights. She knows just Anami can fight Vatsalya’s battle.


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