Naira fears for Kartik’s angry state in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: Kartik to unveil Samarth's past secret

Kartik breaks down after Kirti’s bidaai. Naira sheds tears while leaving with Singhanias. Manish tells Kartik that he is glad that Kirti married Naksh. Kartik can’t hear anything about Naksh. Naksh finds Naira worried. He can’t ask her the matter in front of Kirti. Kirti worries on seeing Naira crying. Naira tells them that she got emotional. Naksh tries to ask the matter. Naira doesn’t tell him.

Singhanias welcome Kirti by all the rituals. Naira wishes Naksh settles with Kirti soon, so that Kartik can get sure of their relation. Kartik stays upset, while everyone thinks he is just missing Kirti. Manish senses Kartik is hiding something. Suwarna tells him that maybe Kartik is feeling sad because Naira also went with Kirti. Manish started understanding Kartik. He doesn’t think Kartik is sad because of Naira or Kirti. He fears the matter is something bigger. Dadi tries everything from them.

Dadi knows the matter. She prays that Naira and Kartik’s relation doesn’t spoil. Naksh welcomes Kirti in his life. Kartik’s anger has hurt Naira a lot. She stays sorrowful. She feels doing unlucky thing by leaving her black footmarks. She gets restless and cleans up the marks. She realizes her house is of Goenkas now. She sends a message to Kartik. She misses him. She tells Kartik that she knows he is always with her.

Naksh talks to Naitik and forgives him for not coming in his marriage. Kartik gets relieved knowing Kirti is happy in Singhania house. He thinks of telling truth to Kirti. Kartik threatens Naira of telling truth to Naksh. She fears his anger can ruin many relations.


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