Teni makes a final attempt to Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni comes up with her final plan. She tears the documents of surrogacy. She tells Parth that she can’t afford any more waiting. She asks him to tell his decision fast. She does a drama because of Shorvori. Parth falls in problem. He gets depressed when both Teni and Shorvori start behaving rude to him. Teni threatens to leave the house. She has kept a big condition in front of him. She says Shorvori has gone away from you, you have to accept me as wife and give me all the rights in the house.

Parth refuses to her proposal. She asks him to marry her, as Shorvori has left him. She wants him to move on in life. She says you can’t raise the child alone, either he has to marry her or forget the child now. Shorvori gifts Parth and her love to Teni. Teni asks Parth to decide if he wants to marry her, or let her leave along with her child.

Teni tells them that she will not leave her child alone, as Parth is getting mad for Shorvori, how will he manage the baby alone in such a depressed state. Parth tells her that he just loves Shorvori, and he can’t give his wife’s place to Teni. Shorvori is trying everything to make Parth hate her. Teni’s condition for marriage upsets Parth. Teni doesn’t want to compromise for her child. She justifies her decision as Parth won’t be capable to manage child alone. Parth reminds her the deal. Teni tells him that she has a legal answer, she can file forchild custody. Parth doesn’t know what’s happening in his life suddenly. What will Parth decide? Keep reading.


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