Ali reaches close in Avni’s search in Naamkarann


Avni has taken Ananya’s identity again. She reaches the press conference and talks to Vidyut in front of the media. She is scared of Vidyut and wants to save Mishti from him. She has become Mishti’s caretaker. She asks Vidyut to let her take Mishti to summer camp. She wants to take Mishti away from Vidyut. She sees Mishti disliking Vidyut and getting afraid of his anger. Vidyut can’t refuse to Avni in front of the media. He unwillingly tells Avni to go for the summer camp. He asks her to take guards along with her for Mishti’s safety.

Ali reaches Goa to find Avni. He also comes in the press conference, in a reporter’s disguise. Avni knows Vidyut can’t get angry on Mishti and her. She takes advantage of the situation. She makes Vidyut sign on the summer camp card. He silently agrees to save his image. She succeeds in her plan. Avni can’t run away from Vidyut. He tells her that Mishti and she will be watched by his guards, and he will get their info every minute, so they can’t plan to run away. Ali sees Avni and follows her. Will Ali help Avni in saving Mishti? Keep reading.


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