Anami gets warned about Narottam in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dadi asks Satrupa to guide Anami in the right direction, else they can lose everything. Satrupa promises to explain Anami. Dadi tells her that Dada ji is getting close to Avdhoot and seeing Vatsalya in him, but its wrong. Satrupa asks Anami to learn business. Anami refuses to dance on her fingers. Satrupa talks of Vatsalya to emotionally blackmail Anami. She tells her about Vatsalya’s last wish to run Royal Steels in a good way. She asks Anami to learn everything on time, else none will respect her. She tells Anami that she has got a teacher for her, who will teach her all the business skills.

Anami doesn’t have interest in learning from Satrupa’s chosen teacher. Dadi also tries explaining Anami. Dadi tells her about the servants taking their salaries today. Dada ji gives all the responsibility to Avdhoot, who acts strict towards the servants. Anami takes a stand for the servants. Dadi explains Anami that the house needs her. Avdhoot’s behavior irks Anami. Avdhoot tries to dominate everyone. Dadi tells Anami that just she can stop this coming storm. Dheeru helps a blind man on the road.

Anami gets impressed by him. Anami teaches a lesson to the biker, who troubles the blind man and Dheeru. Dheeru also gets impressed by her, when she gives a lesson of lifetime than punishment. Satrupa throws Vatsalya’s books and tells Anami that she can’t use it now. Anami stops her. Anami tries to know more about Vatsalya. Satrupa gets glad that her plan is working. Dada ji thinks of his decision to make Avdhoot the heir. He realizes Anami who is just like Vatsalya.

Adhiraj doubts on Narottam and warns Anami. He asks her not to go out with Narottam, as its not safe for her. She trusts Narottam. She couldn’t tell him about Sudha. Narottam defends Anami and shares his story. Narottam thinks he has fooled Adhiraj.


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