Ruhi announces her marriage decision in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Ruhi gets Nikhil home to tell everyone about her new decision. She tells them that she is not going for a live-in against the family, but she has decided to marry Nikhil. She tells everyone that she wants to make a relation of lifetime with Nikhil, as they love each other. Raman opposes Ruhi again. Ruhi asks him what’s the problem now when she is not ruining the family respect now. She asks Raman not to interfere in her life. She declares her final decision. Nikhil tells them that they will marry with or without their permission. Ishita stops Raman from reacting angrily. Parmeet gets another chance to make Ruhi against Bhallas.

Ishita doesn’t like Parmeet going with Nikhil. She tells her doubt on Parmeet to Raman and Mrs. Bhalla. This makes Simmi against Ishita again. They end up arguing. Raman gets irritated by the fights.

Adi tries to help them in Ruhi’s matter. Raman gets angry on seeing Adi, as he has wrong info about Adi. Raman confronts Adi for his affair with Pooja. Adi doesn’t know what is Raman saying. He denies to have any affair. Raman tells him that he is not joking. Adi tells him that he can’t manage any other girl.

Ishita tells him why they are doubting him. Raman asks Adi to tell him the truth. Adi tells them about having his own company, he is working after it, he wanted to surprise them about it. Raman apologizes to him and feels proud. He tells Ishita that it can be Romi’s affair with Pooja. Adi and Ishita can’t believe Romi can do such a thing. Raman doesn’t know who is involved with Pooja. Adi supports them. Raman asks Adi to spend time with Aaliya.

Shagun is angry as Ishita has spoiled Ruhi by pampering so much. Mani tells Shagun that its her mistake to do wrong things to separate Ruhi and Nikhil. Shagun defends herself. She asks Mani how can he blame her. Mani argues with her. Adi tells Aaliya how Raman and Ishita were doubting on him. He doesn’t want Romi to fall in problem. He covers up for Romi. He doubts on Romi and seeks help from Aaliya. Ruhi gets a happy moment when Riya gifts her best mom’s cup. Riya tells Ruhi that she will become her mum after marrying her dad. Ruhi reminds Ishita how she accepted her as her mum. She doesn’t want to break Riya’s heart. Shagun interferes in Ruhi’s life. Ruhi gets upset with her family. She decides to leave the house.


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