Avni makes a plan to secure Mishti in Naamkarann


Avni tells a secret to Mishti. She makes a plan and tells her to fight with her in front of Vidyut, so that he doesn’t know about their friendly. She tells she will scold her and do a drama to win the game. She finds Mishti scared. Avni learns Vidyut locks Mishti in room and scares her. She tries to know about Mishti. Mishti tells Vidyut doesn’t love her. Avni teaches her plan to Mishti.

Shweta apologizes to Neela. She tells she can never forgive Neil and Juhi, for what they did with Avni. She feels sorry for Avni. Neil gets to hear them and gets happy that Shweta is worrying for Avni by heart. Shweta apologizes to Neela. She feels ashamed that Neil has done wrong with Avni. Neela forgives Shweta. Neela is happy that Shweta is standing with Avni and opposing Neil. She promises to support Shweta.

Neela doesn’t want Avni’s life to become like Aisha. Neil promises her that he will never give Aisha’s life to Avni. He tells her that he just loves Avni. Neela asks Neil about his daughter. Neil tells Neela that he had a child with Juhi, but he will not let his daughter have a childhood life like Avni. He assures Neela that he will not break his commitment towards Avni. Neil tries to get Gurumaa recover so that he can interrogate her. Vidyut does his work. He asks for Mishti. Avni does drama in front of him. She scolds Mishti to win his trust. Neela tells Ali that Neil is focussing on finding his daughter, than Avni. Ali decides to find Avni on own. Neil tells Neela that Avni is mature, she can manage herself, while the little girl needs him right now. He worries for his daughter. Avni’s lecture annoys Vidyut more.


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