Pooja’s secret lover to get revealed in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Ruhi decides to leave the house. Raman tries to stop her. Mrs Bhalla decides to conduct Ruhi and Nikhil’s marriage. Shagun opposes her decision. She asks Ruhi to leave from the house and not emotionally threaten them. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun not to interfere in their house matter. She doesn’t let Ruhi go. Parmeet tries to make Nikhil against Bhallas. He tells Nikhil that Riya is involved in the matter now, Bhallas will use Riya to achieve their motive. Parmeet doesn’t want Nikhil to get away from his plan. Ishita cares for Riya’s emotions. Raman doesn’t want Ruhi to become Riya’s mum. Ishita asks Raman to give her some time to talk to Ruhi and explain her. They learn Mrs. Iyer is not well.

Adi confronts Romi for having an affair with Pooja. Romi denies everything. Adi tells him how Ishita and Shagun got the clues against him. Adi questions Romi and asks him to prove his innocence. Romi shows the bracelet. Adi realizes Romi is not involved with Pooja. They wonder who is the one from their family.

Pooja talks to her boyfriend and insists him to come to meet her. Ishita and Ruhi come to meet her. Ishita asks her about the Bhalla man, who is involved with her. Pooja denies to know anyone from Bhalla house. Ishita fails to find out the person. She stays worried. Ruhi picks up Riya and decides to meet Nikhil. Nikhil gets emotional. Adi and Ishita tell Raman that Romi is innocent. Raman feels the matter got solved, Romi is not involved with Pooja. Pooja meets her boyfriend. Nikhil learns Pooja has an affair. He tries to see the person involved, who happens to be Romi. Nikhil decides to expose Romi.


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