Heartbreak time for Durga and Sanjay in Meri Durga


Doctor checks Durga’s leg sprain and tells her to take bed rest else her veins can get damaged. He tells her that she can’t run for two weeks. Yashpal and Durga worry for the race. Doctor advises her to let her leg heal first. Durga gets a shock. Yashpal understands Rajveer wanted to say the same about Durga. Durga misses Sanjay. She doesn’t know he has driven the truck and helped her in her victory. She doesn’t get affected by his engagement news. She feels maybe Aarti is better and deserves Sanjay.

Durga worries as she has to run in the race in coming week. She tells Yashpal that she is scared for Rajveer’s life as well. Yashpal pacifies her. He asks her not to have any worry in mind. Yashpal relieves her stress. They plan to get Rajveer to the hospital. Sanjay meets Durga at the hospital and congratulates her for her victory. Durga distances herself. She acts rude to him to hurt his heart. She feels sorry to hurt his heart. Sanjay understands Durga is doing this intentionally. He feels sorry to get engaged to Aarti. Neelkant sees Yashpal and Durga getting Rajveer for treatment. He plans to fail their efforts. Yashpal tries to make Durga’s leg sprain fine by a home remedy. Yashpal helps Durga. Aarti laughs on Durga’s practice. She asks Durga to have her training somewhere else. Aarti gets a new coach and is determined to fail Durga in the competition. Durga gets challenged by Aarti’s new coach.


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