TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik attends Naksh and Kirti’s reception. Naira and Kartik have a misunderstanding between them. The families have a reception and get together. There is much drama in the reception. Naira falls in Kartik’s arms. Kartik angrily pushes her when she tries to explain him. Naksh comes there and sees Kartik ill treating Naira. He asks Kartik why is he behaving badly with Naira. Kartik confronts Naksh for his lie and cheat. He tells he has seen Yash and Naksh’s video and know Naksh has no feelings for Kirti. He says you have admitted everything in the video, why did you do this with my sister. Naksh calls Kartik mad.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Naina’s family has big issues. Naina’s Chacha ji and Tau ji have an argument about the girls’ future. Tau ji scolds his younger brother for just obeying his wife. The joint family drama will be seen. Tai ji and Chachi ji have a fight, which spreads between their husbands as well. Chacha ji solves the problem by apologizing on his wife’s behalf. They have fought as Chachi ji has hidden from everyone and fixed her daughter’s alliance. She has hurt the family’s sentiments.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Uma and Kanak have an argument. Uma tells her that the room got divided now. He makes a line in the room. He asks her not to cross the line. Kanak and Uma stay at either sides of the boundary. Kanak says we didn’t get divorced, I m still your wife, can we stay in peace without getting any drama. Vansh gives some time to Uma and wants Uma and Kanak to get divorced. Uma agreed to Vansh, and is much annoyed. Vansh’s arguments have angered Uma. Kanak is at Uma’s house for 30 days now. Uma doesn’t want to have any relation with Kanak and her family. Uma is helpless. Kanak tries to talk to him. Uma says you are here just for 30 days. Paulmi has created differences between them.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj and Devi are coming closer. Adhiraj asks Devi to help him. Devi teases him when he asks for her help. Adhiraj catches cold. She gives him a Neem water sponge bath. He accepts his mistake. She takes care of him. They are staying in the same house. Such situations bring them together. Adhiraj is changing towards Devi. He has a fight going in his heart. Adhiraj falls for Devi, but wants to deny it. He will understand her love and care soon. They have a romantic moment.


Suraj and Chakor have a secret date. Suraj does the decorations to give a surprise to Chakor. He writes I love you Chakor with flowers and lights Diyas around to wish her on Diwali. They have a romantic moment. Chakor doesn’t want him to have any problem. Suraj asks her not to worry for him. She begs him to leave. She is worried for his life. Chakor is celebrating Diwali being bounded by Ranvijay. Suraj is trying to celebrate Diwali by hiding. Suraj wants to make Chakor happy. He doesn’t want to leave the chance. Ranvijay looks for something and comes to the storeroom. Chakor and Suraj hide from him. Chakor tells Suraj that Ranvijay is very bad. Ranvijay tortures Kavya and makes her walk on the glass pieces.

Jiji Maa:

Phalguni and Suyash have a meet again. She donates her blood to a needy lady, which makes Suyash respect her more. Uttara refuses to give the blood and acts weak. Suyash starts falling for Phalguni. He plans to make her meet Uttara. Uttara misses to see Suyash with Phalguni. Suyash solves the riddle given by Phalguni. She gives him a treat. He acts like a poor person to get friendly with her.


Neil and Avni have planned their separation. Avni has left home to get Mishti home. Neil and Avni hide their plan from family. Juhi falls in trouble. She tries to save her life from Gurumaa’s goons. Neil makes a plan to secure Juhi’s life. Neil doesn’t want Vidyut to target Juhi. He wants to interrogate Gurumaa. He waits for her to come out of coma. Ali doesn’t know Avni and Neil’s combined plan. Ali promises Neela that he will find Avni, even if Neil stays busy in finding his daughter. Neil lies to Neela about finding his daughter, and goes to meet Avni in Goa.

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi gets rescued in the final moment, when the doctor takes her for post mortem. Gaumata falls in trouble while saving Santoshi’s body. Santoshi Maa herself goes to rescue her devotee on earth. She passes the soul to Santoshi’s deprived body and gives her a new lease of life. Santoshi gets a life, and it becomes a miracle for everyone to see. Dhairya’s belief in Santoshi Maa gets proved. Dhairya and Santoshi plan to celebrate Diwali together, while Devi Paulmi has other plans to kill Santoshi. She can’t bear the fact that Prabal got killed because of his love for Santoshi. She aims revenge from Santoshi and Dhairya, thinking to teach a lesson to Santoshi Maa.


Mannu and Raj realize Gunjan is the thief they were looking for. They catch Gunjan red handed with the jewelry and demand her to tell them the reason, why is she helpless to steal jewelry and ruin Amba’s name in the village. Gunjan tells them how Chandar has kidnapped her husband Aman and threatening to kill him. She gets helpless to do everything to save Aman’s life. Mannu makes a plan to fool Chandar and takes Gunjan in confidence. She tells her plan to Gunjan. She asks Gunjan to just do as they say, and they can free Aman from Chandar’s clutches. Gunjan doesn’t like taking risk with Aman’s life.

Ayushaman Bhava:

Krish joins Vikrant’s company with a motive to ruin all his enemies. Samaira too is revengeful about Avinash’s death. She doesn’t want Vikrant to get peace. Samaira and Sudhir get into an argument. Krish learns that Samaira knows Avinash’s culprits and is still working for them. Krish gets disheartened as Avinash blindly believed Samaira. Samaira has cheated Avinash years ago and is repenting till now. Krish meets Samaira to confront her about Avinash’s death.


Soumya learns about Harak planting a bomb in the kinner house to kill all of them. Harak has taken this dangerous desperate step to get his son back. Soumya can’t risk anyone’s life. She doesn’t want all the kinners to pay for her love. Soumya locates the bomb and runs away with it, to save everyone. Harman sees Soumya running away with the bomb, and tries to stop her. He has won all the conditions set by Saaya, and was looking forward to start a new life with Soumya. Harman didn’t know Soumya’s life will fall in danger. Harman worries for Soumya, seeing her away with the bomb and the blast occurring.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay learns his family is not involved in the fire incident happened at the mills. He gets determined to take charge of the situation and protect his family once again. Shivay and Anika get confident after knowing their family is innocent. They decide to find the culprit, who is blackmailing them only by using the mistrust between them. Shivay wants to prove his family is united and will always be, no one can harm the Oberois.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan plans to meet Pankti and bring light in her dark life on the Diwali eve. On the other hand, JD gives a surprise to Pankti, by filling fear back in her. He sees Pankti trying to choose her own path in life and scares her up. Pankti’s Diwali turns saddening because of JD.


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