Shivika’s romance amidst Diwali celebrations in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika’s romance will be seen. Shivay knows Anika wants to hear his love confession from him, which he shouted out when she was unconscious. Anika tells him that she will make him admit the truth. Shivay plans a super unique proposal for Anika. Shivay surprises Anika and confesses love to her once again. The couple have some sweet moments. Shivay decorates the place for the surprise date with Anika’s childhood memories.

Shivay touches her heart by his personalization. Anika links to her childhood memories. He expresses his love by words. Anika enjoys the big day. She gets emotional seeing his love. Anika happily cries. Shivay makes everything memorable. Shivay tells her that he wanted to take her back to her childhood. Anika sees all the little things kept by him, and connects to it.

Shivay and Anika celebrate Diwali with the family. Shivay, Anika, Omkara, Rudra and Bhavya play a truth or dare game. The brothers have a moment. Rudra surprises everyone with the Diwali crackers. They all spend some happy family time, and miss out Gauri. They don’t know Gauri is at home.

The Oberoi brothers get together to do Maha Aarti once again. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra do the Aarti of Laxmi puja, when the elders were arguing over the family heir doing the Aarti. Pinky wants Shivay to do Aarti first. Tej wants Omkara to start the Aarti. Dadi manages the situation and asks Shivay to do aarti along with his brothers. Shivay wins everyone’s hearts once again.

Gauri sees Omkara and the family. She is connected to the family. She tries to become part of the puja. Omkara senses her presence. He sees Gauri and follows her. Gauri tries to run away. Her dupatta catches fire. He saves her from the fire. Gauri cries for Omkara’s love. She failed to talk to him about Ajay. Omkara and Gauri get away because of Abhay’s evil plotting to separate them.


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