Anami’s real caliber gets realized in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Harry tries to molest Poonam. She begs him to leave her. Poonam’s shout for help gets heard by Anami. Anami comes to rescue Poonam. She gets angered on Harry. She takes Durga avatar to teach a lesson to Harry. She breaks his hand. Dadi waits for Anami to introduce her to guests. Dadi praises Anami. Anami drags Harry and exposes his bad deed. Kamini and Pujan don’t believe anything. Anami proves Harry’s sin. Harry’s deed ashames everyone. Harry apologizes to Poonam. Anami punishes him. Kamini gets miffed with Anami.

Kamini puts the blame on Poonam to trap Harry. Anami believes Poonam. Poonam defends herself. Satrupa understands the matter. She scolds Harry. She feels proud of Anami. Pujan aims to take revenge from Anami. Anami leads the Palki and happily dances while taking the idol. Everyone gets an unpleasant surprise on seeing the Palki breaking. Anami acts on time and saves the family from facing any disaster. Anami crosses the hurdles in her way to save the idol. Dada ji witnesses Anami’s real strength. Satrupa and Baldev too help out Anami. The family proves to show their unity in the needed hour. Dada ji decides to give a fair chance to Anami to prove herself for the heirship. This gives a happy sign to Satrupa.


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