Bhairavi gets adamant to ruin Sasural Simar Ka


Bhairavi has got Mata Rani’s Rudraksh beads and also the powers. She challenges Mata Rani/Simar that she will use her powers and ruin her. Since Mata Rani took Simar’s disguise and came to expose Bhairavi, the latter is also trying her best to prove Simar is fake. She scolds the tantric for failing to prove about Simar. She asks him if he is a real baba or any fraud to dupe moment. Simar has killed the tantric.

Bhairavi openly challenges Simar that Mata Rani’s powers will become her strength now, she will ruin Simar and Bharadwaj family. Bhairavi has no fear of Mata Rani. She tells Mata Rani that she has got huge powers in hand and she will not think for a moment to use her powers against her. She tells Simar that now no attacks will affect her. She breaks the DVD in which her truth was recorded. She is determined to knock down Bharadwaj family. Mata Rani/Simar thinks of recovering the Rudraksh beads from Bhairavi somewhere.



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