Diwali made special by Shivika’s solo moment in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Bhavya have a talk. Anika tells how she used to celebrate in Diwali. Shivay gets to hear Anika’s wishes. He feels Anika’s wishes are not met till now. He plans a surprise for Anika. Rudra plays pranks on everyone. He clicks pictures of Khanna and pulls his leg. Anika gets to see Shivay’s surprise. He tells her that she will move back to his room now, she doesn’t need to get scared now. He asks Anika to forgive him for allowing her to go out of their room. He apologizes to her.

Anika tells him that when he expresses love this way, why does he find hard to say it. She keeps her wishes. She wants to hear his love confession once again. Shivay gets her charm repaired and gifts it back to her. He secretly plans a romantic Diwali surprise for Anika. Anika tells Shivay that she has also planned something special for him. He gets upset seeing the sweets for Diwali. Shivay calls Sahil home to celebrate Diwali. Anika thanks him for calling Sahil, as this completes her Diwali.

The Oberoi brothers together do the aarti, when the elders argue over the person doing aarti first. Anika gets too touched by his special surprise. Anika cherishes her childhood memories, revived by Shivay. She gets carried away on seeing his love confession. Shivay makes a vow to fulfill all her memories. Dadi misses Gauri. Bhavya helps out Dadi. Gauri does a bahu’s duties on hearing Dadi. Bhavya feels Anika has helped her. Omkara misses to see Gauri. He then saves her from fire. Gauri manages to hide her identity. She makes an exit from Oberoi mansion.


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