Ishqbaaz: Oberois land in Bareilly to get Gauri back


Omkara breaks out his sorrow to the family. He reveals about Gauri’s step to marry Ajay. Shivay and Anika get a huge shock knowing about Gauri’s decision to marry Ajay. They realize Gauri maybe helpless and have some reason behind doing this. Omkara doesn’t know Gauri has been trying to reach him for a final talk. Omkara fears to lose Gauri forever. He emotionally breaks down. Shivay and Rudra promise Omkara of getting Gauri back. The Oberoi brothers take the task to get Gauri home with all due respect. Anika and Bhavya support them. The group reaches Bareilly in disguise to stop Gauri and Ajay’s marriage.

Anika, Bhavya, Omkara, Shivay and Rudra come to Gauri’s house in a disguise. Anika becomes Dadi, while Rudra becomes an army man. Bhavya shows her punjabi side. Ishqbaaz get on a new mission. Omkara talks to Gauri and stops her Roka. Omkara confesses his love for Gauri. They sort their misunderstandings. They both get emotional and cry. Omkara asks Gauri to confess her feelings too.

Gauri is sacrificing her life for her friend. Omkara doesn’t want Gauri to marry Ajay. He tries hard to convince her. Anika and everyone are supporting Omkara. They all take different avatars. Anika greets the ladies in the Roka. She enjoys the snacks. The ladies ask Anika not to so much, as she is very old, such things don’t get digested easily. Anika’s Dadi avatar gives them a chance to stop her. Anika tells the ladies that she can digest oily spicy snacks, she is still healthy in old age. Bhavya sees Rudra at his stupidity again. She goes to stop Rudra, when he was getting suspected by Ajay. She lies to Ajay and sends him.

They make the guests busy, till Omkara and Gauri mutually reconcile. They don’t want Gauri to identity them, so that they can stop her marriage. They all planned to unite Omkara and Gauri. Gauri is helpless to marry Ajay. Omkara tells her that he knows her value now and he can’t lose her. Gauri doesn’t want to forgive him now. Omkara gets on his knees and confesses love.

Gauri doesn’t want to give in so soon. She is hurt that he lied to her and stayed as Dilpreet. He reminds her how she stayed as Chulbul to secure him. He tells Gauri that he loves her a lot, and he knows he was wrong all the time, but since he realized his love, all he wished for her happiness. He knows Gauri’s happiness is with him. Gauri feels Omkara loves her, but its too late now. She refuses to accept his proposal. Omkara feels his love story will be incomplete. Omkara and family will convince Gauri. Omkara succeeds to stop the Roka. Will the Ishqbaaz succeed in fixing Omkara and Gauri’s broken relation? Keep reading.


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