Anami to make the family proud in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dadi tells Satrupa that Anami should realize the purpose of her life. She says Anami has come back to Lal Mahal for the sake of Vatsalya, the siblings bond had captivated her soul. They want Dada ji to teach the business tips to Anami instead Avdhoot. Dadi suggests Satrupa to give a direction to Anami’s life. Satrupa makes Anami realize Vatsalya’s dreams of taking Lal Mahal to new heights. Anami gets interest in the business.

Anami organizes a Durga puja. Avdhoot’s NRI brother corners Poonam and tries to misbehave with her. Anami comes to Poonam’s rescue. She teaches a lesson to Harry. She makes Harry apologize to Poonam in front of everyone. Satrupa feels proud of Anami, for taking a stand against wrong doer. Kamini and Pujan gets angered seeing Harry’s insult. Pujan digests the insult, and asks Kamini to be patient. He promises to settle scores when the time comes.

Pujan waits for the disaster he planned to occur. Anami realizes the Palki is close to break. She spots the nuts falling out of the hinges. Anami’s worry gets seen by the family, who witness the Palki breaking and the Durga Maa idol falling down. Anami saves the idol from falling down. Adhiraj and Dheeru come to help. Anami doesn’t let Dada ji’s belief about the bad omen turn true. Dada ji gets impressed by Anami. Anami makes the family proud. He ponders on the decision to make Avdhoot the heir. Dada ji starts seeing Vatsalya in Anami. Will Anami be declared as the rightful heir? Keep reading.


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