Naina to seek help from Sameer in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai


Sameer and Naina’s arguments go on. Sameer gets annoyed with her. They stop talking. Naina apologizes to him. She asks him to help her. Naina tells him that her sister likes a guy, who is Sameer’s family friend. She asks him to tell his Nanu to talk to that family. He refuses to her. She tells him that they should help the lovers. He says marriage is not any game, Nanu won’t listen to him if he says. Naina asks him to tell Nanu about the lovers. She worries for her sister.

Sameer says Nanu will never help your family, as your dad has slapped me. He gets a solution. He asks Naina to meet Nanu and talk to him directly. She says if you were in my place and asked help for your sister, I would have never refused. She explains him and asks him to consider her request. He gets angry when she talks of his family. He says I have no family, I just have my Nanu. He doesn’t like to stay with his mum, stepdad and stepbrother. He gets upset with her.



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