Ahana deals with her bitter memories in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Anant drops Ahana home and have a talk on the way. She shares her problems about Rehaan troubling her sister. He tells her how his sister in law Yamini is helping him manage his children well. His children Aarav and Roshni wait to meet Anant. They get mistaken that Ahana is Anant’s girlfriend. Rehaan meets Tarun at a cafe. Tarun and Saloni have a talk on call. Tarun tells her about Rehaan. Ahana panics on not finding her bracelet. She looks for it. Rehaan gets Ahana’s bracelet in his car.

Anant bonds with his children. He thanks Yamini for managing his children. A rumor spreads about Laila and Anant. Laila gets keen to meet Anant and make a relation with him. Ahana thinks where she has dropped the bracelet. Laila meets Anant. She tries to get close to him. Ahana hates Laila. She gets bitter memories of her parents’ broken marriage. Laila wanted to become his business partner than being his wife. Laila cheated on Rahul and blamed him for their failing relation. Ahana witnessed their fight. She holds Laila responsible for breaking their perfect family. She gets upset when she loses her bracelet given by Rahul. Tarun gets worried when his dad tries to make his marriage a business deal. Laila doesn’t care for Saloni’s happiness. Will Ahana help Saloni and Tarun unite? Keep reading.


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