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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita tells Raman about Romi’s move to kill Nikhil. Raman angrily beats up Romi and vents out his frustration. The Bhallas worry for their tension, while Simmi blames Ishita for this. Mrs. Bhalla has belief in Raman and Ishita. Romi doesn’t reveal anything to the family. Simmi argues with Ishita for Raman’s doings. Ishita asks Raman to share the problem with her, she can help him. Raman doesn’t tell him anything. Ishita worries.


    Avni and Neil play a game and try to involve Mishti to bond with her. Avni tells Mishti that they will win. Vidyut leaves for the camp to meet Ananya and Mishti. Neil and Avni have a cute romantic moment, while in the game. Avni wins the game. Neil gets informed that Gurumaa can get conscious anytime. Neil asks DD to track Gurumaa’s men. Gurumaa’s men reach the hospital to free her. Vidyut arrives at the camp to meet Mishti. He doesn’t get an entry there. Neil and Avni meet and reveal their secret plan of rescuing Mishti from Vidyut. They spend some quality time together.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Dadi, Satrupa and Anami welcome the Durga Maa home. Dheeru graces the occasion along with his children. Satrupa introduces Anami to Dheeru. He tells Satrupa that he has met her before and knows she is the best deserving candidate to become the heir. Dada ji wants Avdhoot to do the aarti. Pujan gets happy. Dadi argues and asks Anami to do the aarti, as she has placed the idol home. She doesn’t want Avdhoot to be declared as the heir. Pujan gets upset with Dadi’s decision. Anami does the aarti puja. Sudha aims to make an entry in Lal Mahal. She tells Narottam that the right time for her entry has come. She is very happy that Anami believes her.


    Naira makes a prayer for Kartik and entire family. Rajshri keeps insisting her to talk to Kartik. She asks her not to hide her sorrow or run from problems. Naira finds hard to solve the problem. Kartik stays adamant. Rajshri explains her how women stay determined and not lose courage. She asks her to find other ways to explain Kartik. Naksh tries reaching Kartik to talk to him. Kartik avoids Naksh. Suwarna apologizes to Aryan for her rude behavior. Aryan doesn’t feel bad. He tells her that Kartik is lucky to get her as his mum. Kartik gets Naira’s apology card. He doesn’t get affected.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga believes Rajveer when he tells her that Neelkant tried to kill him. She tells this to Yashpal. It becomes shocking for them. Rajveer doesn’t know Neelkant’s intentions. He tells them that he is not lying, he has suffered so much because of Neelkant. He concludes that Neelkant was against Durga. Durga makes a plan to secure Rajveer, and make him meet Neelkant in a disguise. She tells Rajveer that they can reach the enemies by taking risk. Rajveer agrees too workout her plan. Yashpal starts training Durga as Rajveer used to do. Rajveer gets discharged from hospital. Brij takes him home, while saving him from Neelkant.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant drops Ahana home and have a talk on the way. She shares her problems about Rehaan troubling her sister. He tells her how his sister in law Yamini is helping him manage his children well. His children Aarav and Roshni wait to meet Anant. They get mistaken that Ahana is Anant’s girlfriend. Rehaan meets Tarun at a cafe. Tarun and Saloni have a talk on call. Tarun tells her about Rehaan. Ahana panics on not finding her bracelet. She looks for it. Rehaan gets Ahana’s bracelet in his car.


    Anika gets touched by Shivay’s surprise. He promises a happy future to her. He tells her that he will fulfill all her wishes even if it gets late. He wants to make new memories with her. Anika and Shivay have a moment of love and romance. The Oberois play a truth and dare game. They all have fun and celebrate Diwali in their unique way. Bhavya and Rudra have a cute moment. She scares him showing a fake bomb which happens to be a popper. Rudra gets kiddish again. Shivay and Anika ask Omkara about Gauri. They expect Omkara to tell them the truth. Omkara reveals that Gauri is marrying someone else, she no longer loves him, as he didn’t value her love ever. He tells them that he has lost Gauri and her love. Shivay asks him not to lose courage. Rudra asks him to clear misunderstanding. They all decide to help Omkara and stop Gauri-Ajay’s marriage.


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