Suraj aims to burn Ranvijay’s Lanka in Udaan


Suraj aims to free Chakor from Ranvijay and get her back home. Suraj and Chakor unite, while Ranvijay eyes them again. Suraj wants to make their love free from any bandhuagiri. Suraj tries to get his family with him. Chakor and Suraj hide from Ranvijay. They play Antakshari along with everyone, when Ranvijay is not at home. They sing songs and express their love. Ranvijay comes home, and Suraj hides. Suraj is happy to do Laxmi puja and aarti along with Chakor. They celebrated Diwali well. Ranvijay spoils their happiness by announcing his marriage with Chakor, which will take place this week. Suraj determines to teach a lesson to Ranvijay.

Suraj has come in Ranvijay’s Lanka to save Chakor and their child. Ranvijay is in no mood to forgive Suraj. Ranvijay sees Suraj and Chakor hiding. Suraj meets Ranvijay’s mum and requests her to help them. Ranvijay asks Imli to keep him informed about Suraj. Ranvijay’s mum asks Suraj to leave, else Ranvijay will kill him. Chakor says I have stopped Suraj, but he is not agreeing to leave. Ranvijay’s mum asks Suraj why is he risking his life. Suraj says Chakor and my child are in a mad man’s clutches, I love them a lot and can do anything to save them, how can I think of my life, we will better die together.

Suraj apologizes to Ranvijay’s mum for Bhaiya ji’s deeds. He says I didn’t know anything about your husband’s murder, I m not involved in it. Ranvijay’s mum shows her belief in Suraj. She says Bhaiya ji did something good that he got a son like you, and we did something bad to get a son like Ranvijay, if Bhaiya ji is bad, it doesn’t mean you are bad. Suraj says you people are giving shelter to those who are responsible for this day, now I understand why Chakor wants to save you and is so connected by heart. He feels proud of Chakor, when he sees her taking a stand for the helpless ladies trapped by Ranvijay. Suraj makes a plan to save Chakor and Ranvijay’s family women.


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