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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Paulmi is taking advantage of Uma and Kanak’s annoyance. Maasi gets Kanak’s old clothes and scolds her. She asks her to manage her rights well. She asks Kanak to wear her old clothes, and return all her new clothes and jewelry back, as she has got separated from Uma now. She asks Kanak to return everything which was given to her by Uma. She asks Paulmi to take haldi lep from Kanak’s hand and apply to Uma, who is hurt. Uma refuses to get aid from Paulmi and goes. Vansh wants Uma to divorce Kanak. Uma is punishing Kanak for Vansh’s mistake. Kanak will be failing Maasi and Paulmi’s plan soon.

YRKKH: Its first Diwali for Kartik and Naira after their marriage. Dadi doesn’t want to see Kartik upset. She asks Kartik to go and get Naira back, as its their first Diwali. Rajshri also finds Naira upset, and asks her to talk to Kartik. Everyone wants Naira to come back to Goenka house. Rajshri asks Naira to end the annoyance. Goenkas look forward to celebrate their Diwali with their bahu.


Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira gets a big shock when she gets trapped in her own plan. Mandira’s alliance gets fixed. Anand’s sister comes to Mandira’s house with marriage shagun. She gives the shagun to Mandira, and makes her wear shagun chunri. The family gets happy, while Mandira’s face turns pale. Mandira was doing a drama to break up with Vijay. She went to Vijay’s house and lied to everyone that she likes Anand. There is a confusion that Mandira loves Anand. Mandira writes a letter to Anand that she loves Vijay, and requests him to act that they are going to marry. Anand gets mistaken then the letter gets spoiled by water. He just reads that she loves him. He decides to marry her and feels lucky. Mandira doesn’t know how the misunderstanding got created.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj and Devi have a moment. Dev cleans the spider webs from the walls. Maasa tries to hurt Devi. She drops a big spider on Devi. Devi gets scared and loses balance. She falls down in Adhiraj’s arms. Their cute romance starts. Devi gets saved from Maasa’s plan again. Devi gets to know that her Kakusa is unwell. She begs Maasa to allow her to meet her Kakusa once. Maasa doesn’t let Devi visit her Maayka.

Woh Apna Sa:

Jia recalls some moments spent with Aditya. She gets to see Arjun. She gets shocked and recalls Aditya. She loved Aditya a lot. She looks for Arjun and is troubled by the memories flashing in her mind. Jia tells Kakimaa that she will deal with Nisha now and end the threat on them. She wants Kakimaa to get her rights.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Ahana Raichand hates her mother Laila, who is also responsible for her dad Rahul’s death. Laila’s multiple affairs break Rahul’s hearts. Laila was never loyal to him, though she enjoyed his richness. After Rahul’s death, Laila gets angry that she is dealing with the financial problems. Ahana removes Laila’s photo from her family photo, and calls the cut out photo of a perfect family. Ahana misses out Rahul. Ahana enjoys her sister Saloni’s company. She feels suffocated in Laila’s fake world. After seeing such broken relations, Ahana wishes to have a true relation in her life. She doesn’t wish love to come in her life, but wants someone to understand her pain.


After talking to Gauri, Omkara feels Gauri will never come back in his life. Omkara has confessed his love to her, and also apologizes for being so indifferent towards her. Gauri is too hurt to forgive him this time. She feels Omkara is still not sure about their relation. She tells Omkara that he has always doubted on her character. She doesn’t want to give right to him to accuse her for wrong. Gauri doesn’t listen to him.


Ranvijay doubts that Suraj is hiding in his house. He looks for Suraj. He threatens the family and asks Chakor about Suraj. Chakor and Suraj don’t know that Imli is helping Ranvijay. Ranvijay tries to get Suraj out of the hideout. Chakor fools Ranvijay. Chakor and Suraj don’t get caught. Chakor is worried by Ranvijay’s threatening. Suraj encourages her to be strong. Ranvijay tells the guests that Chakor is his would be bride. He tells we will get engaged after three days and then we will marry. Ranvijay’s family doesn’t want the marriage to happen. Ranvijay gets too drunk and goes.


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