Cute romance back in Shivika’s life in Ishqbaaz


Anika is acting as an old woman. She sees the white hair and worries that she will get white hair soon. She doesn’t like her old look. She says I don’t want to look so old. She is helping Omkara in getting Gauri back. She sees the white hair and thinks she is really getting old. She gets dizzy in tension. She says those aunties got me in this fear, age has no relation with love. She thinks if she gets old, Shivay will not love her. She shouts to Shivay that she is her Anika, can’t he recognize her.

Shivay comes to her and hears her shouting. He says I know this, what happened. She says while acting old, I m getting mad and feel like getting old. Shivay asks her what’s bothering her. She says I will get old some day and then you won’t love me. He calls her old and jokes to pull her leg. She says I don’t know what I m saying. He asks her not to get annoyed by his jokes. He stops her and makes her feel that he will always love her. He removes her white hair wig. He tells her that even if she gets old, he will just love her the same way. They romance. She gets happy and her fears get resolved.

Shivay and Anika romance. He gets irritated when ladies interrupt them. He puts the wig on himself. A girl sees Shivay and Anika together. She gets mistaken seeing the white wig on Shivay and thinks he is a ghost. She screams and faints. Anika too get a shock seeing the wig over Shivay’s turban. The ladies come there and ask the girl what happened. Anika and Shivay’s romance breaks.

Shivay sees Gauri and Anika’s childhood picture. He asks Gauri’s mum about the photo. She goes back in the memory lanes. Gauri’s mum tells him that everyone used to call Gauri as Chutki in childhood. She reveals that she is not Gauri’s biological mother, but just raised her with love. Shivay senses the elder girl in the picture is Anika. Shivay will be revealing to Anika that Gauri is her Chutki, who got away from her in childhood.


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