SuKor to take a initiative against injustice in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Ranvijay scolds Chakor and Preeti, when Preeti argues with him for the first time. He wants Preeti to have fear. Ranvijay sees them dancing. He scolds them and stops music. He asks by whose permission is this dancing going on, they know he hates them and even then Chakor is promoting all this. He reminds Chakor that she is going to marry him and asks her to change herself. He asks her not to change his family. He asks Chakor to mend her ways.

Preeti tells him that its their room and they can do anything, they will not agree to him if he tries to control them, they will sing and dance as they wish. She tells him that he made the house a jail and they are fed up of him now, they don’t want to tolerate anything. She goes to play the music again. He threatens Preeti and shouts on her. Preeti doesn’t listen to him. His anger gets raised. He breaks the music system. He asks Preeti to be careful, else next time he will break her bones. Chakor consoles Preeti. She silently sees all this. Suraj and Chakor planned this and recorded Ranvijay’s tortures in their phone. They want to get Ranvijay exposed. Suraj says its first proof against Ranvijay, we have to collect more evidence, as this one won’t be enough. They all plan to get free from Ranvijay’s clutches.


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