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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Ishita tells Raman that they have to obey Ruhi and fulfill her demands if they want Ruhi with them. She tells him that Ruhi will rebel and leave from the house to marry Nikhil if they oppose her. Raman wants to disconnect himself from Ruhi. Ishita and Bhalla family accept Nikhil and give him shagun. Ishita wins Ruhi’s heart by doing their roka. Ishita asks Ruhi to do her marriage shopping. Nikhil gets thankful to them. Nikhil and Ruhi get glad. Ishita recalls Ruhi and thinks she can never lose Ruhi. Ruhi calls Ishita her best mum for accepting Nikhil by going against everyone. She realizes Ishita loves her a lot. Ishita and Ruhi have an emotional moment.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami learns a shocking news about Sudha. She sympathizes with Sudha and Narottam. Sudha lays a perfect trap for Anami. She tells Anami that she will give up her life. Anami stops Sudha and promises to take her to Lal Mahal to where she belongs. Pujan is happy that Anami has gone out if the house alone and plans to get her killed. He thinks of getting his dream fulfilled. The goons look for Anami. Satrupa doesn’t know what is Pujan upto. Pujan too dances happily and wants a good news to come his way.


    Neil realizes Avni’s worth when he sees her bonding with Mishti. They plan to keep Vidyut away, but fail. Vidyut meets Avni at the camp and sees if Mishti is fine. She stops Neil from coming in his sight. Vidyut tells her that he has got info about her. She says I can tell you everything myself. He doesn’t want to trust her. She signs Neil about Vidyut. Neil hides from his sight. Vidyut gets fooled. He tells her how much info he has obtained about her. He asks her to give him all answers about her past. Neil tries to get Vidyut out of the camp. Avni tells him that she had a heartbreak and came to Goa. Neil finds Vidyut a selfish and stone hearted person like Ragini pandit. Ragini gets conscious. She wants to avoid police interrogation.


    Omkara confesses his love to Gauri. They have an emotional moment. Shivay and Anika get into an argument. Anika feels her wig will fall down. He asks her why did she go to her local stylists. Shivay gets some female fans, which surprises him. Anika gets jealous. Shivay is asked to sing and dance, as he is assumed to be a rockstar. Shivay asks Anika not to get trouble and get him solve the matter. Anika finds tough to stay in the old Dadi role. Gauri tells Omkara that he won’t be sure about them in future again. She feels she has failed after reading his letter, because he has failed her trust again and again.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga and Aarti compete in the inter district race. They both qualify for the final race. Rajveer gets memory flashes and learns Neelkant’s plan against Durga. Durga and Aarti run in the final race. Rajveer recalls how he has got the evidence against Neelkant, and knew about Neelkant’s attempt to make Aarti the race winner. Rajveer understands Neelkant has done all the crimes just for Aarti’s sake.

    Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

    Uma tells Kanak that he will not limit her in bounds. Kanak gets angry when he compares his wife with an animal. He justifies himself by using Shastra. They get into a heated argument. Kanak tells him that the family which has woman’s respect has Lord residing. Uma asks her not to argue more. He gets angry on her for breaking rules. Maasi enjoys their arguments. Uma declares that the house will run as before from now on. Kanak gets much upset with Uma. She goes to his mum and shares her grief. She doesn’t want to tolerate Uma. Maasa finally breaks her silence.


    Naira asks Kartik to let truth come out if he really wants. Kartik asks her why did she call now if she was sure before. Naira makes Kartik listen to Kirti. Kirti talks positive about Naksh and is happy by his gesture. Kartik gets happy when he hears Kirti sounding happy. He stops Naira from telling Kirti anything. Naira tells him that she didn’t do any mistake, but she was also unwilling to hurt Kirti’s heart. Manish sees the gifts in Suwarna’s cupboard. He questions her about it. She lies to him and manages the matter. She doesn’t see things related to her son. Kids ask Kartik and Naira to come for shopping. Kartik refuses to them. Naira tells the kids that she will take them for shopping.


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