Gauri to fall in an emotional dilemma in Ishqbaaz


Omkara confesses his love to Gauri. They have an emotional moment. Shivay and Anika get into an argument. Anika feels her wig will fall down. He asks her why did she go to her local stylists. Shivay gets some female fans, which surprises him. Anika gets jealous. Shivay is asked to sing and dance, as he is assumed to be a rockstar. Shivay asks Anika not to get trouble and get him solve the matter. Anika finds tough to stay in the old Dadi role. Gauri tells Omkara that he won’t be sure about them in future again. She feels she has failed after reading his letter, because he has failed her trust again and again.

Omkara refuses to know about the letter. She confronts him for always disrespecting him. She tells him how she has always obeyed wife’s duties. She has always worshipped him. He tells her that he also worships her now. She understands Omkara has gone through a lot in life. She tells him that she has no tolerance left now. She doesn’t want him to insult her again. She calls it over between them. She asks him not to find happiness in their relation, as happiness is by fate. He reminds her that she is his wife. She reminds him how he has never believed their marriage.

Rudra tells Anika that they can plan to make Gauri run away. Anika gets proud of his smartness. They see Shivay with the girls. Omkara requests Gauri to give him a last chance. She refuses to him. Rudra and Shivay get to meet Ajay, who is going to marry Gauri. Rudra tries to build up pressure to stop the marriage. Ajay gets into an argument with him. Bhavya corrects Rudra over his role. Anika enjoys every bit of her old role. She gets to taste all the snacks, which surprises the ladies. Shivay sees her shocking avatar when she looks liken a ghost. He jokes on Anika’s scary look. He boasts of his health and looks. Gauri asks Omkara to leave and not create any big issue in her house. She rejects his love proposal. Omkara loses hope, while Shivay and Rudra are sure that Omkara will get his love.


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