Shocking: Kanak learns Nanda’s true motives in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Uma tells Kanak that he will not limit her in bounds. Kanak gets angry when he compares his wife with an animal. He justifies himself by using Shastra. They get into a heated argument. Kanak tells him that the family which has woman’s respect has Lord residing. Uma asks her not to argue more. He gets angry on her for breaking rules. Maasi enjoys their arguments. Uma declares that the house will run as before from now on. Kanak gets much upset with Uma. She goes to his mum and shares her grief. She doesn’t want to tolerate Uma. Maasa finally breaks her silence.

She tells Kanak about her sister Nanda. Kanak learns Nanda Maasi is not a good hearted person. Maasa reveals the shocking truth about Maasi’s hidden intentions. Maasi wants Kanak to leave from Uma’s life. She wants to ruin everyone. She decides to get rid of Kanak and all the family members. Maasa tells Kanak that Maasi is even bad for Uma. Kanak gets a shock when she learns Maasi is against the entire family.

Maasi plans to kill the entire family. Kanak promises Maasa that she will expose Maasi’s true intentions in front of the family. Kanak gets prepared for her new task. She asks Uma to let her go out of home for some work. Uma stops her. Payal and Ved get to see each other at the temple and recall their past. Ved collects an evidence and shows to Kanak. Kanak learns Paulomi has framed her and made her fall in Uma’s eyes. She asks Ved not to worry for her. He tells her that Bhabho will always look after Saraswati. Kanak shows the proof to Uma, while Maasi changes her side and puts the blame on Paulomi. Kanak understands Maasi is playing safe. Paulmi again frames Kanak in the blame. Uma regrets to marry Kanak. He decides to end ties with Kanak, as he blindly believes his Maasi.


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