Ruhi to face a heartbreak again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita tells Raman that they have to obey Ruhi and fulfill her demands if they want Ruhi with them. She tells him that Ruhi will rebel and leave from the house to marry Nikhil if they oppose her. Raman wants to disconnect himself from Ruhi. Ishita and Bhalla family accept Nikhil and give him shagun. Ishita wins Ruhi’s heart by doing their roka. Ishita asks Ruhi to do her marriage shopping. Nikhil gets thankful to them. Nikhil and Ruhi get glad. Ishita recalls Ruhi and thinks she can never lose Ruhi. Ruhi calls Ishita her best mum for accepting Nikhil by going against everyone. She realizes Ishita loves her a lot. Ishita and Ruhi have an emotional moment.

Ishita guides Ruhi towards becoming a good mum for Riya. She asks Ruhi to share the things with her. Ruhi wants the marriage to be simple. Ishita wishes Ruhi’s future doesn’t have any sorrow. She wants Ruhi to refuse for marriage herself. She is unsure about Nikhil. She tries to change Ruhi’s decision by being her friend. She asks Ruhi to think if she is really ready for the marriage.

Ruhi tells Ishita that she has sorted out everything, she can manage Nikhil and her expenses till Nikhil gets on his own. She plans everything step wise. Ishita tells her that everything won’t be easy as she is thinking. Ruhi tells her that she is sure of managing all the pressures, all just for Nikhil’s love. Raman gets adamant to send Romi to US to keep him away from Pooja. The family doesn’t want Romi to go away at the time of Ruhi’s marriage. Parmeet asks Nikhil not to worry now, when Raman and Ishita have agreed for the marriage. Ishita thinks of something to stop the marriage. Nikhil doesn’t want to marry Ruhi, and want to ruin her life. He tells Parmeet that he plans to leave Ruhi in the mandap. Ishita fears if anything goes wrong, Raman’s respect will be ruined. She prays that Ruhi stays happy always.


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