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Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni brings the shocking news about Shorvori’s death. She tells everyone about Shorvori’s deadly accident. Parth loses his senses and slaps Teni angrily. The family gets a shock also. Teni says I have seen her dying in front of me, I was there when the car caught the fire. Parth can’t tolerate the news. He scolds Teni for getting such a wrong news. Shorvori has left from his life forever. She has got saved, but doesn’t want to return in Parth’s life.

Ishqbaaz: Anika is acting as an old woman. She sees the white hair and worries that she will get white hair soon. She doesn’t like her old look. She says I don’t want to look so old. She is helping Omkara in getting Gauri back. She sees the white hair and thinks she is really getting old. She gets dizzy in tension. She says those aunties got me in this fear, age has no relation with love. She thinks if she gets old, Shivay will not love her. She shouts to Shivay that she is her Anika, can’t he recognize her.


Kartik and Naira’s misunderstanding continue. The family insists them to talk and sort their issues. They meet in the Diwali function. They both cry getting emotional. They don’t want to stay alone in their first diwali. Naira calls him out. Kartik doesn’t want to end annoyance, but flows in emotions. They both try to lessen their distance. They see everyone celebrating Diwali. Kartik has many questions in mind. They both have a talk.

Piyaa Albela:
The family gets happy with Naren and Pooja unite. Surbhi doesn’t want to believe Rahul’s plans. Rahul asks them not to worry, as Mr. Kapoor will not backstab them. They all find Pooja too smart to come in their trap. Naren surprises Pooja by confessing his love to her. Pooja and Naren’s families get happy for them. Naren mocks his love for Pooja and is still blind in hatred. He wants to take revenge from her. Surbhi tries to kill Pooja, because of her hatred and jealousy. Surbhi can’t tolerate Pooja in Naren’s life.

Harman tells Soumya that she is his life and he has also kept a fast for her. Harman and Soumya’s cute moments make everyone admire them. Soumya feels blessed to get a loving husband like Harman. They celebrate their first Karwachauth. Soumya is happy that Harman has kept the fast for her. She breaks Harman’s fast. Harman and Soumya’s fast breaking rituals turn surprising. Harman has made it special by gifting her a saree designed by him. Harman proves there is equality between Soumya and him.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi and Adhiraj do Laxmi Maa puja. Devi’s uncle is unwell. She wants to go to her Maayka. Maasa doesn’t allow her. Devi runs to her Maayka and doesn’t care for Maasa’s permission. Devi comes back at the time of puja. Maasa locks the door and doesn’t let Devi come in. Devi tries hard to come in. Adhiraj allows her in and takes her for puja. This shocks Maasa. Maasa makes a new plan against Devi. She wants to get Devi killed to make her out of Adhiraj’s life.


Suraj takes a Sardar’s disguise so that Ranvijay doesn’t recognize him. Chakor gives the new look to Suraj. Ranvijay comes there and doesn’t realize its his biggest enemy Suraj in front of him. Suraj has become a Sardar to get evidence against Ranvijay. Chakor wants to get Ranvijay punished for his crimes. Chakor and Suraj have a romantic moment. Suraj gets confident of making Ranvijay lose.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan confesses love to Pankti. She gets afraid when she sees love entering her life. She doesn’t want Ahaan to know her secret. She gets away from him and gets trapped by JD again. JD and Ahaan are unaware of their relation with Pankti. Pankti misses Ahaan. She reads her poetry. She tries to get courage. JD calls her and asks her to say I love you to him. Pankti refuses to him. JD comes home to meet her and scares her. He tells her that he will shoot her right away if she doesn’t say she loves him. She gets worried. JD turns mad to hear her love confession.


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