High drama and revelation time in Tu Sooraj….


Paulomi frames Kanak in the wrong blames. Kanak tells Uma that Paulomi is lying. Paulomi makes a story knowing Uma’s belief on Kanak is close to breaking. Maasi tells Uma that Kanak has always opposed them. Maasi acts good in front of them. Paulomi tells Uma that Kanak has met Ved by lying to them. Kanak accepts that she has met Ved. Uma gets angry on Kanak for lying to him. Maasi asks Kanak to explain them.

Kanak blames Maasi for playing the game and ruining their lives. She tells Uma that Maasi has used Paulomi against them, as she has poison in her heart. She tells Uma that Maasi is his enemy. Uma regrets to marry Kanak. He tells Kanak that he has misunderstood the Lord’s signs. He gets angry on her. He tells her that he will rectify his mistake by throwing her out of the house. Uma throws Kanak out of the house.

Vansh and Saraswati come home at the same time. They get to see Kanak’s insult by Uma. Vansh confronts Uma for his behavior. Vansh scolds Uma for his dual drama. Maasi asks Vansh to take Kanak and pamper her at home. Uma doesn’t care about Kanak and Saraswati. Vansh tells Uma that he will hurt Saraswati if Kanak gets hurt. Uma tells him that Saraswati died for them. Vansh gets angry on Saraswati to answer Uma. Uma cares for Saraswati. Vansh tells Uma that emotions can’t die in heart. Maasi asks Uma to accept Saraswati back. Saraswati gets an entry home. Vansh is happy that Kanak will be leaving from Uma’s house. He asks Uma to divorce Kanak. Uma agrees to divorce Kanak. Vansh tells Uma that both the marriage will be finished in a month time. Kanak takes a stand to save her marriage.



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