Juhi faces a fatal attack in Naamkarann


Vidyut gets angered on knowing that his men failed to kidnap Juhi. He angrily asks his men to get Juhi. He also wants his mum Ragini pandit out. Neil and Avni talk to Neela and take her help in stopping Ali from finding Avni. They reveal their plan to rescue Mishti. Neela promises to support them and is glad that Avni and Neil are together. Ali tries to find Avni, and misses to know anything. Ragini pandit kills the nurse and runs away from the hospital. While Neil plans to rescue Mishti, he gets informed by DD that Ragini pandit has escaped.

Avni and Neil decide to take Mishti the same day. He doesn’t want Vidyut to misbehave with Mishti. He gets raged and wants to protect Mishti at any cost. Neil’s family falls in big trouble. They try to seek help from police. DD learns about the family in trouble.

Juhi gets brutally attacked by the goons. The family gets a huge shock seeing Juhi’s state. DD reaches the place. He finds Juhi dead. Vidyut catches Ali to know about Avni. Ali finds something wrong and changes the flyer to fool Vidyut. Ali doesn’t want Avni to fall in trouble. He wonders what’s Vidyut’s connection with Avni. Vidyut gets angry on Ali. Ali lies to him. He tells Vidyut about his best friend. Vidyut tells him that he can help him in finding his best friend. He demands Ali to show the photo. Neil and Avni get informed about the shocking attack and Juhi’s death.


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