KaiRa’s union and shocking twists lined in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Kartik doesn’t go to Singhania house. He stops on the way and sheds tears. Naira gets to see Kartik on the road. She stops the car and goes to talk to him. Kartik wishes Naira comes to him. He gets a surprise seeing Naira. He is still annoyed. Rajshri has asked Naira to work from both of her and Kartik’s side and keep the relation fine. Naira does her part and tries to convince Kartik. She has hope that Kartik will forgive her and not spoil their first Diwali. Naira and Kartik meet on Diwali. Both the families want them together. They have a talk about Naksh and Kirti’s relation again. Kirti and Naksh do the Diwali puja and aarti. The family blesses them.

Naira tries to talk to Kartik. Kartik passes rude comments on Naira. Dadi tells him that she has locked him in room during Naksh and Kirti’s marriage, Naira is not at fault. Kartik learns Naira’s innocence. Dadi tells Kartik that Naira has done a right step to support Kirti. She apologizes to Kartik. Naira and Kartik worry when Dadi falls down the stairs and get injured. Dadi unites them by her drama.

Kartik and Naira hold Dadi’s hands and talk. Dadi doesn’t want their marriage to suffer. She wants them to be happy. She tells the family that she can bring Kartik and Naira together. Dadi makes sure they both get together to take care of her. Naira and Kartik sit by Dadi’s side all night. Dadi makes a leave silently. She tells Suwarna that she has done this to end Kartik and Naira’s fight. Kartik and Naira have cute moments. Dadi was against Naira before. She tries to connect Naira with Kartik.

After the intense fight scenes, Kaira’s cute romantic moments will be seen. Naira dances in the diwali celebrations. The family brings Kartik for the dance. Kartik and Naira dance. kartik doesn’t want to believe that Naksh is keeping Kirti happy by heart. Naira convinces him that Kirti deserves to stay happy. The families get together and celebrate Diwali. Naira and Kartik have a romantic moment. Goenkas are happy that Naira has come back home. Kartik and Naira’s annoyance ended.

Kirti feels her dreams got fulfilled. Naksh proves out to be a good husband and helps Kirti in the preparations. He guides Kirti about the puja. Kirti didn’t know any of the rituals. She was confused. Naksh helps her out.

The kids gets crackers. Kartik scolds the kids and asks them not to play with crackers. Akhilesh too asks the kids to answer them. Kids tell them that Aryan has got the crackers. Kartik yells on Aryan for not thinking of kids’ safety and getting crackers. He scolds Aryan. He doesn’t give any chance to Aryan to clarify. Aryan gets upset as he didn’t get any crackers for kids. He wanted to defend, but Kartik doesn’t listen. Shockingly, Kirti gets to hear the truth from Kartik and Naira. She learns Naksh was not willing to marry her. She gets a huge shock. Naira tries explaining Kirti that its not such as they are thinking.


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