Nikhil to shaken Ruhi’s trust on IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Ishita gets to know about Romi ordering the same bracelet as their family. The jeweler sees Romi and confirms. Ishita learns about Romi’s affair with Pooja. She slaps Romi for his mistake. She scolds him and understands why Raman is sending him to US, to keep him away from Pooja and save his marriage. She asks Romi how can he cheat Mihika. She gets angry on Raman also. She asks why did he hide this from her. She tells Romi that he trusted him so much. Romi regrets to cheat Mihika.

Ishita and Raman go to confront Pooja. She asks Pooja why did she trap to frame Raman. Pooja reveals that Nikhil has told her to do so. Ishita tells Pooja that she trusts Raman a lot. Pooja admits that it was Nikhil’s plan to show Raman in bad light. She asks them to go and deal with Nikhil. Mani tells Raman and Ishita that Nikhil is looking after some girl who is in mental asylum. They don’t know about Nikhil’s connection with the girl.

Ishita and Raman meet Ruhi and tell her what they found about Nikhil. Ruhi denies to believe them, as Raman has tried many times to break her relation with Nikhil. Ishita asks Ruhi to better call Nikhil and confront him. They all summon Nikhil and ask him about the girl. Nikhil tells them how he is helping his cousin and looking after her. He defends himself and wins Ruhi’s trust again. Ruhi apologizes to him for doubting on him. He gets miffed with Bhallas again.

Ruhi asks Raman to stop doubting on Nikhil. She gets more determined to marry Nikhil. Nikhil tells Parmeet that Ruhi believes him even more now. He wants to ruin Ruhi’s life to hurt Raman. He tells Parmeet how he planted all this to fool Raman and make him fall in Ruhi’s life. Simmi excitedly plans Ruhi’s sangeet and haldi. Ruhi gets happy, while Raman gets another reason to worry. Ishita asks Aaliya to be with Ruhi all the while. Ruhi and Nikhil plan their sangeet. Nikhil plans to defame the Bhallas by using Ruhi. Ruhi falls in his love trap. Ishita feels Ruhi is in some trouble.


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