Shorvori plans to unite Parth and Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth can’t believe Shorvori has left her. He is living in her memories. Her death news has broken him completely. He doesn’t want to listen to Teni or anyone. He recalls all their golden memories and misses her. Parth and Shorvori’s romance will be seen in the flashback scenes. Parth thinks of the romantic memories with Shorvori.

Shorvori is soon dying and wants to settle Parth’s life. She has faked her death just to bring Parth and Teni together. She knows Parth loves her a lot. She wants Parth’s life to get happiness, and thinks just Teni can fill her place. Parth believes Shorvori is alive, as he is taking a breath too. He tells everyone that he would have sensed if anything happened to Shorvori, he would have lost his breath and died too. Parth falls in sorrow. His family asks him to accept Shorvori’s death. He refuses to them. Teni swears that she is not lying. Bhanushalis believe Teni. They get worried seeing Parth failing to handle the truth.


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