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YRKKH: Kartik doesn’t go to Singhania house. He stops on the way and sheds tears. Naira gets to see Kartik on the road. She stops the car and goes to talk to him. Kartik wishes Naira comes to him. He gets a surprise seeing Naira. He is still annoyed. Rajshri has asked Naira to work from both of her and Kartik’s side and keep the relation fine. Naira does her part and tries to convince Kartik. She has hope that Kartik will forgive her and not spoil their first Diwali. Naira and Kartik meet on Diwali. Both the families want them together. They have a talk about Naksh and Kirti’s relation again. Kirti and Naksh do the Diwali puja and aarti. The family blesses them.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sanjana and Sameer have celebrations for their anniversary. Anjali comes home from hospital. Police asks Anjali for her statement. Anjali tells inspector that she doesn’t remember anything, she can’t take stress at this time. She thanks Piyush for getting her home. Simar tells Anjali that she is much happy with her return. She hugs Anjali. Anjali too stays as a loving and obedient daughter. She apologizes to Simar for her mistakes.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan wants Pankti to answer his questions. He is determined to hear I love you from her. Pankti learns Ahaan is JD’s nephew. Anita asks her to stay away from Ahaan, if she wants to see Ahaan alive. Ahaan confesses love to Pankti. She asks him to leave. He tells her that he will always protect her. He asks her to share her problems with him, since its important for him to know everything. He gives her time to confess love. She gets restless.


Preeto is upset because of Mohini. She argues. Harak asks Preeto not to blame Mohini. Preeto shouts on Harak for spoiling her life. She fails to stop Harak. She angrily leaves from the house. She threatens of committing suicide. Harak shows he doesn’t care.
He asks her not to ruin his respect.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Kanak learns Nanda Maasi’s truth by Maasa. She confronts Maasi. She calls her a poison, which angers Uma. Kanak thought to change Uma’s mind. Before she could expose Maasi, Uma gets angry and ends ties with her. Kanak tells Uma that Maasi is his biggest enemy and he should never believe her. Uma drags Kanak out of his house, and doesn’t hear anything against his Maasi.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara sends Shom to Falguni’s house and gets the prize money stolen. Falguni and Niyati get a shock when they lose the money. Falguni informs Suyash about the theft. She refuses to take any help from Suyash. Their aunt calls a policeman to get some help. They learn the thief can’t be caught without any proof. Niyati commits a mistake and fears to face Falguni. She then takes an extreme step of committing suicide, which shocks Falguni. Niyati recalls Falguni’s hardships since childhood, how Falguni has raised her like a mum. She feels sorry to hurt Falguni’s heart.


Anika wants to look good. She thinks her look is bad and that’s why Shivay is spending time with other girls. Anika gets angry when she sees Shivay flirting with the girls. Shivay impressed the girls by his swag. Everyone is in disguise and want to stop Gauri’s marriage. Shivay tells her that he is just being in his role, he doesn’t want to annoy her. Anika asks Shivay to throw water on her. He asks her did she go mad. She says I didn’t go mad, I m asking you to throw water, just do this. She insists him so that she can realize that Shivay is still the same. He laughs on Anika’s old look.


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