Ahana vows to hinder Laila’s dreams in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Saloni begs Tarun to marry her. He tells her that he truly loves her and he is ready to leave his house for her. Saloni gets happy. Laila tells Saloni that Tarun will never leave his family for her. She declares the marriage won’t happen. Ahana argues with Laila for Saloni’s marriage. Laila’s greed makes her blind. She doesn’t want to allow Saloni and Tarun’s marriage if she gets nothing in return. Saloni faints in tension. Laila calls off the marriage. Ahana tells Laila that Saloni is pregnant, and now they have to get her married to Tarun.

Laila scolds Saloni for putting her in a fix. Laila meets Tarun and cracks a deal with him to get him married to Saloni. She reveals him about his coming child. She gets happy to get a cheque from him. Ahana gets upset seeing Laila dealing with Tarun. She asks Laila how can she sell Saloni for money. She scolds Laila for falling so low. Ahana starts hating Laila more. Laila slaps Ahana. Ahana feels broken. She gets too hurt by Laila’s doings. Laila dreams to marry Anant and link her name with him. Ahana learns Laila’s plannings. She gets against Laila. She aims to take revenge from Laila by failing her plans of getting Anant. Laila tries proposing Anant. Ahana gets in between them.


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