Raman to learn Nikhil’s devious plan in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New troubles mount up for Raman

Nikhil convinces Ruhi to come and meet him. Ruhi takes Simmi’s help to go. Aaliya tries to go with Ruhi, but Simmi hurts her to stop her from coming along. Simmi sends Ruhi to meet Nikhil. Nikhil surprises Ruhi with an intention to trap her in love. Nikhil thanks Ruhi for coming in his life. He acts insecure that she will leave him. She promises to be with him always.

Riya is happy that Nikhil and Ruhi are going to get married. Puhi is also excited. They both look forward to have a new relation. Nikhil acts romantic. He tells Ruhi that he has to make a beautiful memory before marriage. She gets carried away by his lovely words. They spend romantic time. Raman and Ishita stay with Puhi in her PTM. Ishita feels Ruhi is in some problem. Aaliya doesn’t want to break promise given to Ishita. She tries to inform Ishita about Ruhi. Simmi stops her from calling Ishita. Aaliya informs Ishita about Ruhi. Nikhil tries getting close to Ruhi. She stops him from any such plans. She asks him to think practically about their future. She plans their expenses and house to stay.

Simmi lies to Raman and Ishita about Ruhi. Raman scolds Simmi for supporting Ruhi for wrong. They fail to know about Ruhi. He asks Simmi to call Parmeet and know about Nikhil. Parmeet doesn’t reveal any of the plans. Mani informs Raman that Nikhil has laid a plan to get Ruhi’s sympathy. Raman worries that Ruhi is in some problem. Simmi hides the truth from them. Raman and Ishita have believe that Ruhi can’t do anything wrong. Nikhil doesn’t let Raman reach Ruhi. Mani locates Nikhil by using his sources. He informs Raman about Nikhil’s devious plans and asks him to reach Ruhi soon. Raman gets furious understanding what is Nikhil upto. Nikhil aims to defame Bhallas. Raman tells Ishita that he will use Riya to stop Nikhil’s evil and teach him a lesson of lifetime. Ishita fears they can fail again.


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