Dadi reveals truth to get KaiRa together in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira have annoyance between. Kartik vents out his anger on Aryan, which upsets Aryan a lot. Devyaani scolds Kirti for feeding sweets to Naksh. Kirti learns he is diabetic. Naksh tells everyone that he couldn’t refuse to Kirti when she fed sweets with love. Devyaani apologizes to Kirti. Dadi worries for the distance between Kartik and Naira increasing. Surekha tells Suwarna that they should help Kartik’s annoyance end, so that he stays happy. They find Kartik and Naira unhappy, and smiling for their sake. Kartik and Naira argue indirectly. The kids get troubled by them.

Dadi tries explaining Kartik about Naira. He asks her not to interfere in the matter if she doesn’t know. She calls him foolish to spoil the relation. She asks him to know the matter well. She shows her belief in Naira. He tells her about Kirti’s marriage with Naksh. She accepts that she knows the truth and she has locked him in the room to keep him away from the marriage. Kartik gets aback knowing the truth. She tells him that she knew the matter and also Naksh’s intentions.

She apologizes to him for getting scared and lying to him till now. She doesn’t want Kartik and Naira’s relation to spoil. She tells Kartik that Naksh and Kirti’s arranged married will get love soon, when they know each other and live together. She asks him not to hurt relations by anger. Dadi gets hurt. Kartik and Naira get worried for Dadi.

Kirti is happy that Naksh understands her well. Kirti asks him to meet their family doctor once. Naksh and Kirti have a cute moment. Dadi makes Kartik and Naira patch up. She tries to get them togetherness. Kartik feels sorry to misunderstand Naira. Naira stays annoyed with him. Dadi bridges the gap between them.


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