Obros step ahead in their plan in Ishqbaaz


Shivay learns Gauri was adopted by her mum. He learns her was called Chutki in ashram. He gets interested to know about Chutki’s sister. Anika dreams of her sister, and finds Gauri by her side. She feels sisterly love for Gauri. Obros have a moment of fun and love. Omkara thanks Shivay for changing his decision in time and making him stay back to get Gauri. Shivay asks him to promise that he will not lose in love. Shivay tells Omkara that he can adjust for his brother’s sake. Rudra finds hard to adjust. Shivay asks Rudra to see Omkara’s problems and understand him. They have a sweet moment.

Gauri and Ajay are asked to come at the temple for a ritual. Omkara tells Gauri that he will surely come there as he will be doing the ritual with her. She doesn’t want to believe Omkara. She feels her love story will never complete. He promises her that he will complete their story.

Shivay pulls Anika’s leg when he sees her doing makeup. He asks her not to do makeup, as it won’t match to her old look. She gets upset. Ajay doesn’t turn up for the ritual. Omkara offers help and comes forward to do the ritual with Gauri. Gauri’s mum supports him. She makes Omkara do the ritual. Ajay gets stuck on the way. Rudra takes a new disguise and creates more hurdles for him. He doesn’t let Ajay reach the temple. Bhavya helps Rudra, but he misunderstands her again.

Omkara does the ritual with Gauri. They have a moment of love. Shivay gets surrounded by girls again. Anika gets angry seeing her husband eyed by others. She looks for Shivay. He makes fun of Anika, which hurts her heart. Anika breaks into tears.


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