Durga to fight against Sanjay’s parents in Meri Durga


Durga doesn’t reveal Neelkant and Gayatri’s truth to Sanjay. She decides to collect the evidence first. Even Yashpal wants Durga to hide the matter from Sanjay. They get together and help Rajveer in finding the evidence. Neelkant and Gayatri get informed about Rajveer. Neelkant catches Rajveer, Yashpal and Durga. The goons snatch the evidence. Durga gets Rajveer’s phone. She tries to to save it. Rajveer and Yashpal fight with the goons.

Neelkant points the gun at Durga and stops her from running away. Durga wants to clear the stains on her name and get her family respect back. Neelkant tries to snatch the evidence. She is fighting hard to hold the evidence. Since Durga won the inter district race, Yashpal is supporting her. They have learnt that Neelkant was against Durga and defamed her in the drugs case. She tells Neelkant that he will not get saved this time. She challenges Neelkant to do anything. They all face the goons and make them run away.


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