Manish takes a decision for Kirti’s marriage in Yeh Rishta….


Kirti comes home for Bhai dooj. She wanted to celebrate the function. Naira welcomes Kirti. Kirti does Kartik’s aarti and rituals. Kirti stumbles. Naksh supports her. Naira gets happy seeing them. Naksh asks Kirti to spend time with family and goes. Kartik gets frustrated. Kartik reveals to the family that Naksh and Kirti’s marriage is just a deal. The entire Goenka family get a shock knowing the truth from Kartik. Kartik gets into an argument with Naira. He tells them that Naira has hidden this from him, and he also had to hide this. He reveals the truth on Bhai dooj. He tells everyone that Naksh didn’t marry Kirti because he loves her, he was helpless to do this. He tells Manish that Dadi also knew this truth.

Manish and Akhilesh get angry that the marriage was just a compromise. Manish asks Dadi not to support Naira. Suwarna asks Manish to understand, that Dadi won’t wish bad for Kirti. Dadi explains the same, that Naksh and Kirti will find love in their marriage. Manish decides that Kirti will not go back to Singhania house. He tells them that Kirti will stay with them. Dadi tells him that he is not doing right. Suwarna asks Manish to let Kirti decide. Manish believes Kirti will also decide the same. Kirti learns the truth and gets heartbroken. Everyone waits for her decision. Kirti’s happiness gets down. Naira tries hard to explain Naksh’s point of view.

Naksh’s truth makes everyone upset. Manish goes to meet Naksh in Singhania house. Manish gets angry and scolds Naksh for lying to everyone. Singhanias try to calm down Manish. Manish says Naksh has cheated Kirti. Kartik tells Manish that no one in Naksh’s family know this truth. He calms down Manish. Manish blames everyone for hurting Kirti’s heart. Kartik stops him from blaming family. Kirti decides to leave from Naks’s life. There happens a big drama. Naksh gets confronted by his family. Naksh is asked to get Kirti back. Naksh wanted to make things fine, but things turned more worse. He gets worried and wants to get Kirti back any way. He tells everyone that he just wanted to do good.


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