From Imli’s big revelation to Suraj’s new avatar, much lined in Udaan


Imli doubts on Ranjana. She tells Bhaiya ji that Ranjana is planning something. She is very much sure as she has seen Ranjana picking a letter from Suraj’s room. Bhaiya ji asks what is she doing. Imli tells him that she tried to find the letter, but she didn’t get it. She admits that she is helping him for getting power, its her greed, but she is true to admit it, unlike Ranjana. She reveals to him that Ranjana has got Manohar killed and married him by trapping in love, so that she can get power in her hands.

Bhaiya ji asks her what is she saying, is she out of her mind to blame Ranjana. Imli tells him that she is saying truth, even Chakor and Suraj know this truth. Bhaiya ji gets a huge shock knowing Manohar’s death truth. He tells her that Ranjana can’t do this. She removes the garland from Manohar’s photo, and says his soul will be still in pain thinking you have married his murderer, you are so foolish and doesn’t find out the truth till now. He gets suspicious about Ranjana. He asks her to get evidence to prove Ranjana’s crime.

On the other hand, Suraj and Chakor are getting proof against Ranvijay. They provoke Ranvijay’s anger by playing loud music. Ranvijay hurts Preeti and breaks the music system in anger. Suraj records his bad behavior. He decides to get more evidence to show Ranvijay’s real side to the world. Chakor gets a kurta for Suraj. Suraj wears the new kurta and thanks her. They both have a cute romance. They hide in storeroom. Ranvijay fails to find Suraj, when Imli rings on Suraj’s number. Chakor manages to distract Ranvijay. Suraj acts romantic and teases her. Chakor finds a way and gives a Sardar look to Suraj. Suraj enters the house in disguise. He wants to stop Ranvijay and Chakor’s engagement. He tells Chakor that he will not let Ranvijay succeed.


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