Action and drama leads to Omkara-Gauri’s union in Ishqbaaz


There happens a big drama in Gauri’s marriage. Anika collides with waiter. Her wig comes out. Ajay gets a doubt on her. Anika wanted to talk to Gauri to know the problem. Ajay asks Dilpreet is he Omkara. Omkara admits he has come to get his bride. Oberois’ disguise and drama ends. Omkara and the family’s cover up gets known to Ajay. Ajay says you have come in my house and want to ruin my respect. He throws Omkara on the ground. Shivay pushes Ajay away.

Omkara stops Shivay from beating Ajay. He surrenders to Ajay. Ajay beats up Omkara. Shivay and Rudra come to his rescue. The brothers come in action. They show their angry side. Omkara sees Gauri getting affected when he got hurt. He wants Gauri to take a stand for him. Shivay tells Ajay that none can touch Omkara when his brothers are alive. Omkara asks his brothers not to interfere. He gets beaten up by Ajay. Shivay and Rudra turn away and get hurt. Gauri cries seeing Omkara. He wants Gauri’s emotions to awaken. Gauri was helpless to marry Ajay. She loves Omkara and entire family. She doesn’t want Omkara to get beaten up. She asks Omkara not to get beaten up and fight back. The Oberois get together. After she breaks her silence, Shivay, Omkara and Rudra get into a fight with Ajay and his men. Obros teach a lesson to Ajay, and take the Dulhania Gauri for Dilwala Omkara.


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