Kirti in dilemma over Naksh’s feelings in Yeh Rishta…


Kirti’s heart got broken. Naira is upset seeing Kirti’s sorrow. Kartik feels guilty to end the peace. Kartik and Naira be at Kirti’s side. Kirti’s heart was getting linked to Naksh. Kirti got to know Naksh didn’t wish to marry her. She gets depressed thinking of Aditya’s words, that she is not wanted by anyone. She feels none loves her. Kartik finds her shattered. Goenka family is trying to convince Kirti.

Kartik gets angry on Naira. He says if Kirti doesn’t cope up, I will never forgive you. Naira asks him how is she at fault now, when he revealed the truth to Kirti. Kirti was very happy to get Naksh’s love and care. Naksh now loves Kirti. Kirti has to realize Naksh’s love is true, he was not acting. Kartik also feels Naksh’s love is a drama and blames him. Kirti and Kartik will soon realize Naksh was saying true to them, he has really changed his decision.


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