Ahana takes a stand for Anant in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana tells Laila that she will never forgive her. Laila doesn’t want her to interfere. Ahana has learnt her plans and wants to fail her. Tarun tries hard to convince his dad that Laila has agreed to his terms. His dad laughs on hearing Laila has agreed for Saloni’s marriage. He gives his approval for Tarun and Saloni’s marriage. Tarun and his mum wish that truth doesn’t come out.

Anant and Rehaan get ready and leave for attending marriage. Laila welcomes Tarun’s family. Tarun’s dad asks Laila how did she let Saloni sign the pre-nup contract easily. Laila hides the truth of taking a cheque from Tarun. Karan tells Roshni that he will take her to Anant if she is missing him so much. Yamini lets them go.

Laila tries to bond with Anant. Ahana observes Laila. She gets determined to fail her attempts. Tarun’s dad learns the truth from the bank manager. He gets miffed. Laila dances with Anant in the party. Ahana stops Laila. Laila hides her real intentions. She gives a lovely speech in front of the guests. Ahana realizes how fake is Laila in reality. She misses her dad. Ahana wants to punish Laila by exposing her. She wants to save Anant from Laila’s plans. Laila asks Anant his opinion on re-marriage. She indirectly proposes him. Ahana thanks Anant for coming in marriage. She wants Anant to realize Laila’s plans. She feels Anant doesn’t deserve to get cheated by Laila. How will Ahana save him from Laila’s evil motives? Keep reading.



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