Harman rescues Preeto’s life in Shakti


Harman and Soumya have happiness. They celebrate Diwali. They light crackers and spread lights to cut down the darkness. Harman does Laxmi puja with Soumya. Harman celebrates Diwali with the kinners. They all get happy that Harman treats them like family members. Harman gets accepted by them. Some kinners are jealous seeing Soumya happy. They don’t want Harman and Soumya to be together. Soumya hugs Harman and thanks him for making the Diwali beautiful for them. Later on, Soumya tells Harman about Preeto going to commit suicide. Preeto jumps in the river, while Harman shouts to her and tries to stop her.

Soumya also shouted to stop Preeto from jumping. Preeto risks her life to get her son back. She has gone a step ahead in her plan. Harman and Soumya get a huge shock seeing Preeto’s suicide attempt. Harman also jumps after Preeto to get her. Preeto is upset that Harman left the house and now Harak is cheating her. Harman saves Preeto. He can’t let Preeto die. Soumya, Saaya and Rani witness this incident. Soumya prays Preeto gets fine. Soumya cares for Preeto. Soumya asks Preeto is she fine. Preeto wants to break Harman and Soumya by her drama.


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