Kirti learns the shattering truth in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kirti final departure line up more shockers

Everyone plans to celebrate Bhai Dooj. Naksh worries for Kartik and Naira’s relation. Kirti plans to buy a good gift for Kartik. Dadi doesn’t inform Kirti about her injury. She gets happy seeing Kartik and Naira’s terms getting better. Naira tells Naksh that Kirti’s happiness can stay fine if Kartik stays quiet. Naira explains Kartik to keep up Kirti’s happiness and makes things better. She asks Kartik to decide what he wants to gift to Kirti, happiness or sorrow. Kartik asks her not to worry for him.

Naksh gets Kirti home for Bhai dooj. Kirti gets a warm welcome home. She celebrates Bhai dooj with Kartik. Kartik and Naksh have an odd moment recalling their clash. Kirti stumbles. Naksh supports her and sweetly scolds her for wearing heels. Kartik reacts angrily, by misunderstanding Naksh. When Kirti goes to convince Kartik, she gets to hear Kartik and Naira’s argument. She learns Naksh didn’t wish to marry her for love. She asks Naira to tell Naksh that she can’t go back with him.

Kartik feels Kirti’s heart broke. He doesn’t want to forgive Naira and Naksh for their lies. He tells Naira that they were fearing of this day. Naksh takes a leave from Goenkas. He calls Kirti and tells her that he had to leave for some work. She gets upset hearing him. Kartik reveals the truth to the family, which gives them a shock. Naira tells Manish that Naksh didn’t wish to cheat Kirti. They all feel bad for Kirti. Everyone loses trust on Naksh. They feel Naksh will do a favor on Kirti if he keeps the relation without love in heart. Dadi supports Naira. She tells everyone that Naksh will soon love Kirti, loves comes later in arranged marriage. Manish doesn’t want Kirti to compromise. He doesn’t want to accept Naksh in Kirti’s life. Kartik supports Naksh when Manish compares Naksh with Aditya. Naira gets happy hearing Kartik.


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